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Is the Staffordshire Bull Terrier or the Amstaff the right dog for you?

Do you like an "in your face" kind of dog?

Are you able to undertake at least the basics of dog training?

Can you cope with a dog which is very active and has a great sense of humour?

Are you physically able to cope with the sometimes unconscious strength of the Stafford?

Can you (or your lifestyle) cope with a dog which is not always a "social animal" around other dogs and who can sometimes be downright difficult about them?

Are you prepared to be a responsible dog owner and have your dog under your control at ALL times - understanding of the fact that no matter what the circumstances, if there is a problem, chances are that your Amstaff will get the blame?

Are you prepared for the often negative comments which will be given by your friends, family and on occasions even the media, all relating to your choice of dog?

If you answer NO to any of the above questions, then you are possibly not suited to the responsibilities of being owned by a Stafford!!!

The American Staffordshire Terrier is of similar characteristics in nature.  Maybe not quite so "in-your-face" as the SBT.  Obedience training is a must with this breed and also firm handling.   The Amstaff is highly intelligent and will always look to please, but he will question you.


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